Tips for buying rings with pear shaped diamonds

Tereshchenko Diamond in its original pear-shaped look.

Tereshchenko Diamond

A pear shaped diamond is a combination of the traditional round brilliant and marquise shaped diamond. It is known as
Tereshchenko Diamond in its original pear-shaped look. a tear drop or pendeloque shape because the resulting shape from this combination is a diamond that has one rounded point on one end, and a tapered point on the other end.

This diamond is very flashy and sparkles a lot. It is a fiery cut which has the ability of lending an air of sophistication to simple and elaborate ring settings. It is a very unique design which is worn with the tapered end pointing towards the hand of the person wearing it. A pear shaped diamond ring is capable of making the fingers of the wearer look slimmer and longer than usual.

A pear shaped diamond should be fashioned in a way that the prong is set at the point because this is the most likely place for the diamond to chip off. A minimum of two prongs is required to secure the diamond but the ideal number of prongs needed is six. Other inclusions and flaws should also be located in this place so that once the point is covered by the prong; the flaws will become invisible immediately the diamond is set.


In choosing a pear shaped diamond, go for one that has even shoulders and symmetry. If you are viewing it from the top, the rounded point should appear even. The value of the diamond is reduced if one side of the edge of the diamond appears more sloped than the other. The tapered point on the other hand should fall exactly in between both of the rounded edges. Thus, if the pear shaped diamond is folded into two equal halves, the point should be seen where the folding line is.

The pear shaped diamond should have all of the flash and sparkle of a round brilliant diamond because it is a modified round brilliant diamond. At times an imperfection known as a ‘bow tie’ shape may be visible in the center of the rounded half of the teardrop diamond. It is important to avoid choosing a diamond with this flaw.

Choose a pear shaped diamond that has a length to width ratio of 1.45:1 to 1.75:1 as this is deemed as the ideal ratio. What you end up choosing will depend on your preference. While some people prefer short and fat cuts which are most ideal for a solitaire ring, others might prefer long and thin cuts, which is the best type of pear shape diamond for a dangling earring.


Pear shape diamonds show colors strongly, therefore in choosing a color, pick the H color or a higher color to get a white looking stone especially if the stone will be set in platinum or gold. You can also go for a J or K.


In evaluating the grade of a pear shaped diamond, the GIA diamond clarity scale is good for the evaluation. That being said, it is best to go for the SI2 clarity or the SI1 clarity.